Post 5 Sex Abuse and Torture

Unless otherwise stated, the pictures in this post come from the video The Fall of the Cabal. ***This is definitely a post that you do not want children to see with the pictures that are in it. Patricia Hewett, a UK Labour Party politician, was the general secretary of the NCCL (The National CouncilContinue reading “Post 5 Sex Abuse and Torture”


TINFOIL HATS NOT REQUIRED, CONT’D This will be a short post. It could be much longer, but it would have to be called something much more sinister than more oddities. Trust me, as graphic as other posts are, there is worse out there that I am NOT talking about. This post is about connecting moreContinue reading “Post 4 MORE ODDITIES”

Post 3 CHAPTER 2 sATAN, aka the dEVIL, May Be Closer Than You Think or Would Like

TINFOIL HATS NOT REQUIRED, CONT’D By Spunky Sparky Disclaimer: If I have not given proper credit for information in here, please contact me immediately so I can fix it. All of the pictures in this post came from The Fall of The Cabal. Apparently since the following things are SO out in theContinue reading “Post 3 CHAPTER 2 sATAN, aka the dEVIL, May Be Closer Than You Think or Would Like”


TINFOIL HATS NOT REQUIRED, CONT’D 4George Soros:  “When George Soros was a young Jewish boy in Hungary during the Holocaust a Christian family took him and his father in to save them and disguised them as fellow Christians. Soros in turn to further save his skin turned his fellow Jews into the Nazis and even stoleContinue reading “Post 2 SOME OF THE PLAYERS”


The following information in here is very disturbing. But it IS real and we HAVE to know what is going on so we can help stop it!  What will you do if you ignore this and find out later that it IS real and you did nothing? That you actually HINDERED saving children instead ofContinue reading “Post 1 TINFOIL HATS NOT REQUIRED”