Post 5 Sex Abuse and Torture

Unless otherwise stated, the pictures in this post come from the video The Fall of the Cabal.

***This is definitely a post that you do not want children to see with the pictures that are in it.

Patricia Hewett, a UK Labour Party politician, was the general secretary of the NCCL (The National Council for Civil Liberties), later known as liberty, which was affiliated with Paedophile Information Exchange. 

Theresa May (former Prime Minister, UK, Conservative Party)-said that pedophiles should be allowed to adopt children. 

Child Sexual Abuse–Yes, this subject is horrible to talk and think about. BUT IT IS HAPPENING ON A HUGE GLOBAL SCALE. OPEN YOUR EYES-SEE WHAT WE ARE SEEING. We don’t enjoy this either, we wish it didn’t exist. But see it so you can help us STOP THIS. I hate these pictures, I abhor them. But they HAVE to be seen in order for people to start opening their eyes to what is really going on. THIS HAS TO BE STOPPED.  

PIZZAGATE AND OTHER SIMILAR ATROCITIES AND THE EVIDENCE THEREIN-if you don’t look at this– my personal thought is you WANT to ignore what is going on right in front of our eyes. Look at the evidence and decide for yourself! But you can’t honestly say it is fabricated stories unless you DO look and THINK. 


Weinstein, Epstein, and another at some party. I assume I don’t need to explain who these two are. If you don’t know, look them up.
Here is the “artist” and “chef” Maria Abromavich again, this time with “John of God” (charged with multiple counts of abduction, abuse, rape, child trafficking and murder and personal healer of Bill Clinton.) And people wonder why Christianity has a bad rap… I realize there will always be bad apples, but man what a bad, bad bunch of apples these are… 

15Many probably are not aware that an associate of Bill Gates was arrested AT BILL GATES’S HOUSE in 2016. Authorities carried out a search warrant at the friend’s apartment and found more than 6,000 images of graphic child porn and rape. Police identified 133 of the children. The associate was Bill Gates’s “personal engineer” and was arrested the same year that Bill Gates was listed as flying around on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express.”  Another coincidence? Huh. How about that.

Apparently mainstream media sat on the article for almost a year before dumping the story quietly between Christmas and New Year. Ever recall hearing anything about it? Seems like it was swept under the rug, doesn’t it? My posts aren’t even touching the mainstream media’s responsibility in ALL of this. Hopefully by now you are thinking a bit more than before this blog and will maybe do some further research and see for yourself. I will probably write some on the MSM at some point. 


Pizzagate originates in a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., called Comet Ping Pong. It is (was? I think it’s closed now?) owned by James Achilles Alefantis and is/was known for its ping pong tables in the basement, its pizza, and high-profile clients such as the Obamas and Clintons.  Alefantis is good friends with John Podesta, Hilary’s campaign manager. Pizzagate is one of those dark secrets in the elite circles that everyone knows about, and they either basically ignore it, or are a part of it.  

And while you may have heard of pizzagate and feel you know all you need to know as far as those “kooky” accusations go, there is more to it, as you will see in this discussion. Prove us wrong! Do your own research.  

Again, Marina Abramovic, Serbian “performance artist.” I fail to see how ANY of her “work” is art, especially works like the two below.

The baby blood creates something called adrenochrome. Look it up. Have a bucket handy for puking, kleenex for crying, and a Bible for praying handy before you do.  

Here is another informative article: 

These symbols were released by the FBI. They are identified as pedophile symbols-the blue represent pedophiles terrorizing boys, the pink for girls, and the blue and pink is for both. It’s a sort of code for pedophiles to communicate openly with one another. 

These symbols can be found all over the place, including and maybe even especially logos that children will see.

It’s partially covered by the “play” arrow but it’s there.

Think politicians aren’t involved? Think again.

Here is the mayor of New York dancing with his wife on New Year’s Eve. Note the design on her mask.

And see the ring on Sheila Jackson-Lee, a member of the House of Representatives:


This is from a video from the band called Sex Stains of all things. Looks like a kid video, doesn’t it? With a band named Sex Stains. THAT HAPPENED TO PLAY AT COMET PING PONG, a supposed kid-friendly place that many big wigs frequented.

These are just SOME of the places these symbols are blatantly out in the open. There are many, many more. The video that most of this information is coming from has them around the 48 minute mark or so.  If you do your own digging, don’t forget to see who is pulling the strings behind the curtain on these businesses that have these symbols. 

The owner of Comet Ping Pong, the supposed child-friendly PIZZA establishment, is known for his controversial tweets and posts on his twitter account: 

These clearly advertise Comet Ping Pong. Still think Pizzagate is a hoax?! 

Alefantis (the owner of Comet Ping Pong) seems to have a certain “specific” taste in art. He has a lot of works by Arrington de Dion:


Alefantis at parties:

He had an affair with the founder of Media Matters for America, a firm that received $1 million from George Soros in 2010. Media Matters for America is described as “a progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitor, analyze and correct conservative misinformation in the US media” (aka censorship).David Brock, the founder of Media Matters for America, also founded Correct the Record, whose sole purpose was censoring negative publicity of Hilary Clinton on social media. Connecting the dots yet?

Alefantis is closely connected to John and Tony Podesta. John Podesta was White House Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, counselor to President Obama, and chairman of 2016 Hilary Clinton presidential campaign. Tony is a political activist and art supporter and collects, along with his ex wife, works of Dutch artist Margi Geerlinks, some of which are seen below.

The work of Biljana Djurdjevic that is in Podesta’s house:

This last picture reminds me of some artwork below that depicts a pool that really exists (there is a picture to compare them). The little girls depicted in the artwork with Vanderbilt’s pool as the setting looks eerily similar to the picture above. Note the red shoes (red shoes have significance-it’s sinister and will be addressed sometime later) and hands behind their backs. 

People think this is all just crazy conspiracy talk. But have a look at this unique pool. The pool is in a mansion that was owned by Gloria Vanderbilt. She had two sons, one of which killed himself. The other is journalist Cooper Anderson. And the reason you are looking at this picture is because of the artwork that is in the pizzeria and one of the Podesta’s houses that seems to be this EXACT pool. 

Now look at the following artwork. Again, these are in Podesta’s home and the pizza parlor he is closely associated with. Note the red shoes and the hands behind the children’s backs that are kneeling. And look closely at the other picture that has one lone child that is also tied up-is it me or does he look eerily similar to Cooper Anderson?

Cooper Anderson? -depicted tied up in the pool that his mother had.

So let’s see…artwork depicting children tied up at a pool that happens to be VERY unusual looking but also happens to REALLY exist…previously owned by Gloria Vanderbilt, whose son looks like one of the tied-up children in a pool in a painting…THIS CANNOT JUST BE COINCIDENCE. Really! This is just…if you don’t see this is more than that, what I think personally? YOU are a huge part of the problem.  Look closely into your soul, seriously. If you think all of what you have read is ok….

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