This will be a short post. It could be much longer, but it would have to be called something much more sinister than more oddities. Trust me, as graphic as other posts are, there is worse out there that I am NOT talking about.

This post is about connecting more dots-these are players in the whole thing that connect many of the other players, if that makes sense. Bear with me, look at the photos, and realize the rich and famous are all not only ok with all of this, they encourage it. Strange art that imitates life, believe it or not, that’s true.

There is a restaurant in California called Cannibal Club. Now, the pictures are obviously fake people being eaten, but really, who does that?! The “elite”, that’s who. Oh and maybe the younger goth-types trying to be edgy. 

“Spirit Cooking Dinners” are very popular “dinner parties” with the world’s rich and famous. They are hosted by Marina Abramovic, a Serbian “performance artist.” She wrote the cookbook in 1996. It is a cookbook of “essential aphrodisiac recipes.” She has been quite busy over the years, which you will see as this series continues. Remember the name Podesta mentioned below for more information further down. All of the following is supposedly in the Name of “Art”: 

Marina Abramovic, Serbian “performance artist”:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-56.png


10Another artist with odd themes is one of the Netherland’s Queen Maxima’s sisters, Dolores Zorreguieta. She is important to the narrative because her father, according to reports, had blackmail fodder that contained proof of pedophilic sexual abuse among the elite. Dolores’s sister, Ines, found the proof after their father died as she was cleaning out one of his houses. She was killed.  So, considering that their father had pedophilia films in his possession, looking at Dolores’s work exhibited in 2005 called Love Romance seems like someone who had a troubled upbringing. 



The following pictures are from the video The Fall of the Cabal.

The Podesta brothers in Washington, D.C. are tied to pizzagate. More on pizzagate on my next post. But in the meantime, here is some of the art of one of their favorite artists, Patricia Piccinini.  

Look carefully at this one:

Are you connecting some of the dots together yet?

Devil worship, cannibalism, “art” depicting child sexual abuse and torture is all tied to “elitists,” including the Clintons, other politicians, computer tech gurus, and the entertainment industry. It all ties together-it mathematically cannot all be one giant coincidence.

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