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I’ve been collecting links for awhile and wanted to do something more with them than just having them copied/pasted, but I am feeling like God wants me to post this here and now. I will add on to the list maybe every few days or so. The links are not in any particular order, I just go to my document and paste wherever the cursor is.

5/22/21 just found this one-this is huge. Wow.

Note three paragraphs near the bottom:

The average masks you can buy from a local drugstore aren’t enough to filter out viruses.

For that purpose, experts recommend special masks with fine mesh that can capture very small organisms. These also have to be worn correctly for them to work.

Masks worn over the face are also unable to protect you from getting airborne virus particles, from a cough or sneeze, into your eyes.

Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr. & Mel Gibson Claim Hollywood is an ‘Institutionalized Pedophile Ring’ – Clever Journeys

Unfortunately, this video (and soooo many others) has been taken down by youtube-as far as I’m concerned, it’s just more proof we’re on the right track-if it weren’t real, why would they care?! Anyway, this is just to show you what the topic was.

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